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Important Changes to Water Accounts

  • Beginning in December, the date we process bank drafts will be moved from the 8th to the 4th of each month. By doing this, there will be time between the date that bank drafts are processed and the date that late fees are automatically added to outstanding bills.

  • Due to increases in the price we pay to purchase water, we will need to increase the water rates by 50% over the next two years. In 2024, water costs will increase by 30% and in 2025 the other 20% will be applied.

  • We are also working on a project to expand the wastewater plant to address local growth and stricter permit limits. That project will carry an estimated $32.5 million dollar cost, which is forcing us to increase sewer rates by almost 100%. Those rates will be adjusted over the next three years by the following amounts:

40% in 2024

40% in 2025

20% in 2026

These rates were determined by a commissioned rate study, as required by state law. Should the rates be approved and adopted by City Council, a full copy of the new rates will be available here on the website. In an effort to help our customers prepare for the additional costs on their water bills, a downloadable calculator can be found below. Please keep in mind that in you live outside of city limits, or only have water billed to your account, the calculator may not be accurate.

Water Bill Calculator
Download XLSX • 15KB

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