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Winter Weather is Here

Happy holidays, everyone! Huntsville Water would like to remind everyone as we approach the holidays that cold weather is coming and with that, the risk of frozen water lines. There are a couple of things we recommend you do to help prevent frozen lines:

  • Check valve boxes and lines under your home to make sure those areas are not exposed. If you have exposed lines underneath your home, wrapping them with insulation or heat tape and making sure that any openings are covered can help prevent freezing.

  • Consider leaving a faucet running. Pick the room that is farthest from your water line's entry point or a room that has plumbing on an exterior wall. This will keep the water in your lines moving and will prevent freezing. (The stream doesn't need to be a lot. Just slightly more than a drip is normally enough to do the job).

If you have any questions or need our assistance in checking your exterior lines, please feel free to reach out at (479)738-6929. Should you have trouble with your lines, especially after hours, one of our employees can always be reached through our emergency line at (479)738-6133.

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